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Chapter 1: Corel Draw, what is graphic design? , Basics of the color wheel.

Corel Draw is basically software for creating Vector Graphics. This software was developed and promoted by Corel Corporation. Corel Draw is the most powerful graphics drawing and image processing software in graphics software.

1.What is Graphic Design ?

The Process and art of combining text and images to communicate an effective message in the design of logos, brochures, news, letters, posters sign, social media advertising, and any other type of visual communication.

Graphic Design – Visual Elements – Enhance Product

To study deeply about Graphic Design we have to research the following terms :

  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Typography
  • Layout

2.The Basics of Color Wheel :

2.1: Traditional color wheel

traditional color wheel

The color wheel was the first organized system of colors. It is still used to design the relation between colors.
In traditional color theory, There are only three colors, the primary colors.
Color theory is the science and art of using color. It explains, however, humans understand color; and therefore the visual effects of however colors combine match or distinction with one another.

2.2: Primary Colors

primary color wheel

The primary colors on the color wheel are red, yellow, and blue. They cannot be made from mixing each other.

2.3 : Secondary Colors

The secondary colors are orange violet and green. They can be made by mixing two primary colors.

2.4 : Tertiary Colors

The Tertiary colors complete the color wheel to 12 basic colors. The 6 tertiary colors are created by mixing one primary color with an equal part adjacent, Secondary color.

3. Tint , Tones and Shades

The color on the color wheel can also be described by its tints, tones, and shades depending on if you blend them with

White – Grey – Black

The color tint is a hue with white.

tints , tones and shades

Then what about black and white? Why aren’t black and white on the color wheel?

  • Black is the absence of all the colors.
  • White is the presence of all the colors simultaneously.

Then What about Brown?

Brown is a dark orange or neutral red hue, a complete color made by combining red-black, and yellow.

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